About me

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♥ I am: A 19-year-old writer and book-worm

♥ I live: Mostly in Sweden 

♥ I love: Rainy days, cello-music, candle-lights, coffee, books and poetry 

♥ Purpose: Writing something of profound value, meeting people who want to do the same, and encouraging them to reach their fullest potential 

♥ I wake up every day because: Another day is another chance to learn something new, to heal a broken love or to discover something beautiful that will inspire you and your work

♥ Why “Mrs. Knightley’s Library”? Because I love the book “Emma” by Jane Austen and in this story, Emma (the protagonist) ends up marrying Mr. Knightley. Therefore, Mrs. Knightley’s Library

♥ Can we contact you? Yes, and I would be happy to answer whatever it is that you’re wondering about:) 

Email: afturspildo@gmail.com

Instagram: HERE 

Twitter: HERE