About me


I am a 19 year old book-worm, Jane Austen lover and writer. I am very fond of all Austen’s novels, especially “Emma” where the heroine falls in love with admirable, Mr. Knightley – which is the reason to why this blog got it’s name; “Mrs. Knightley’s library”.   I live at the Nerdrum School, where I am surrounded by painters and other creative minds daily. I am also the daughter of Odd Nerdrum. Besides from reading/writing, baking is one of my biggest passions. So I will also be posting a new recipe every once in a while!

If you enjoy baking or getting lost in a book – or tend to escape the world by writing – then this is the blog for you♥ My aim is to bring more beauty and peacefulness into my/my reader’s lives, by doing the things I love everyday.

Any questions or recommendations? Feel free to contact me:

Email: afturspildo@gmail.com

Phone: +46703438420

Welcome and enjoy!