Obituary for The Cathedral of Notre Dame

For 859 summers, winters, autumns and springs, Notre Dame in Paris has been standing there, casting its immortal beauty upon a place known as “the city of love”. Those festive chimes from the great bells have planted a familiar melody in our hearts; The melody of a truly spectacular Western civilization. Yet, the bells sang the song, blissfully unaware of their forthcoming tragedy of which would take place one spring afternoon in the year of 2019. A cathedral admired by all the men and women of Paris, of France and of the rest of the world, has now succumbed by the evil force of Lucifer’s flames. Precious collectibles and historical gems have within minutes been swallowed by a luminous blaze of fire, so strong, so wicked that no one and nothing could stand a chance against it. Undoubtedly, this event will become a historical landmark; 15th of April – the dreaded day which would change the future history of France entirely. The recent death of one of the greatest buildings in history is and will always remain an unspeakable calamity. But with every action comes a reaction. With every destruction, comes a rebuilding. This might be an end for millions of people, but it is also a beginning – for as long as we keep the visual recollections of its beauty in our memory, we can create something extraordinary. And while the ghost of Victor Hugo’s Quasimodo still keeps living on in our hearts, so will the Cathedral of Notre Dame …



Aftur S. Nerdrum 



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