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“The cave of Apelles” = The modern-day version of the French Salons 

If you like the Rubin Report, you’ll fall in love with this brand new talk show. 

As a result of the Modern Movement in architecture (1925-1950), the early 20th century Cubanism and architect, Ludwig Miles van der Rohe (1886-1969) who first coined the phrase “Less is more” – pessimismdepression and despair have probably been the most common terms used among the aesthetically interested in association to the 21st century’s cultural development. It is easy to envision our world crumbling to pieces. Now, the difficult thing would be to actually see the light in the gutter. Can we rise up and away from the modern, the clean and the empty? Or are we just becoming a failed human species who have decided to partake in our own destruction? Well, as Isaac Newton once stated: “To every action, there is always opposed an equal reaction.”We must always remember: Following the apocalyptic Middle Ages, came the Renaissance. And The Thirty Year’s war between the Catholic and the Protestant states (1618 to 1648) eventually led to the birth of The Enlightenment. The same thing is happening now – with the creation of “The Cave of Apelles”. It seems as though a small group of people has decided to come with a strong reaction against the evergrowing era of modernism and simplicity; The Nerdrum-clan is not only making a better alternative for art-schools, now, they are also changing the world … 

The interviewer = Jan Ove Tuv, a figurative kitsch-painter, teacher and a former student of my father, Odd Nerdrum. He interviews musicians, painters, philosophers and other craftspeople. His questions are relatable, easy to follow and very well thought through. If you’re a painter or another creative of some kind, when listening to him, you’ll immediately feel a sense of comfort and support. We know it’s rough out there, but this is why this talk show was created – to bring all of us together and to find a solution to our mutual solitude. 

The setting = Probably one of the factors that make this talk show so enjoyable to look at. Each discussion is located in a wooden room with dim lighting, candle lights burning, masterpieces hanging on the walls, a small, round table clothed with a beautiful wine-red, renaissance-looking fabric. The guests usually drink either wine or beer. Sometimes there’s even food. 

Creator = Bork S. Nerdrum. He is my brother but he’s also an amazing film-director, editor, screenplay writer and camera-man. (Uhmm, hello, new Woody Allen or Charlie Chaplin??) This young, talented man also created a 6-episode-long documentary about my father, called “The Hunt of Odd Nerdrum”. If you haven’t checked it out already, you can do that by clicking HERE. 

The message = It’s evident that what they wish to convey to the world is inspiring; Culture is not over. Enthusiasm for the old Masters and the learnings of Ancient Greece is still present, and there will be a second Renaissance.

Go watch this talk-show right now. You will not be disappointed. 




Aftur S. Nerdrum 




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