The reason behind our self-love generation and why you should unfollow everyone on Instagram and YouTube


It’s happening. We are ALL practicing self-awareness to the extreme. 

Am I happy? 

Am I using the law of attraction to better the things in my life?

Oh no, I’m focusing too much on the negative. How do I stop it?

Inner home. What is that? How do I attain it? 

This girl seems like she’s got her whole life together, my sister seems happy, my mum is better than ever. Then why am I sad? Why am I experiencing all these horrible feelings at the same time? Why me and only me? 

Anxiety? Do I have it? I probably have it. If she has it, I definitely have it! Should I find a therapist? 

Sounds familiar? 

It’s a Sunday. You’re all alone. The first thing you do is open up your laptop and turn to YouTube videos on how to practice the Law of Attraction. Then you read texts from “On how to love yourself fully”, and “How leaving him was probably for the best because it gave you a chance to reconnect with yourself” 

Reconnect with what? You may ask yourself – as you turn to your iPhone again, scroll through pictures of girls on the beach with their boyfriend or husband, passionately kissing over a cheesy caption that makes them seem at least 10 times better than all your prior relationships combined. For years you’ve been following a famous model, her life, her diet, her relationship. You know exactly what she tends to do on the weekend. You’ve stalked her boyfriend, you know the name of her best friend and you know that she likes to watch the TV show “Friends”. She travels all over the world but she doesn’t really seem to do anything but lie on the beach, sip on a drink and explore beautiful streets and restaurants. Every day, you click on the Instagram icon and let your brain receive a daily update on her life. And at the same time – you desperately practice the law of attraction, how to build your inner home and how to stay present and happy in your mindset. See the irony? 

No matter how many videos you watch, you won’t reach that happy place in your mind. Because it is a universally acknowledged truth that you can never be fully content if you keep comparing yourself to others. 

Now, you might argue that these pictures do nothing to your self-esteem. You might be perfectly convinced that you love yourself and that you wouldn’t want to change anything. But that’s where you’re wrong. According to Elizabeth Su, in an article on – “Excessive social media use has been shown to negatively impact people’s lives by lowering conscientiousness, increasing narcissism, decreasing real-life community engagement, and causing strain in relationships.” Why is this? Because even if we’re not aware of it – when looking at pictures of these models and their glorious days on the beach – we unconsciously compare their lives to ours. Imagine your brain telling you every time you go on Instagram; “Your life just isn’t good enough. She’s happy, you’re not. Therefore, something must be really wrong with the place you are in right now.” Belive it or not – but THAT is in fact what your brain is telling your subconsciousness every day. It’s proven by scientists. 

Of course, we end up losing ourselves. Of course, we can no longer know how to entertain ourselves alone. Of course, we desperately turn to meditation, YouTube gurus and spiritual healing. Because with these pictures popping up on our screen every day, nothing can EVER be good enough: 

Because of Instagram, we’ve become desperate. Before it was easy – knowing yourself. You just took some time alone – out on the mountain, in a cabin by the forest. By the end of it, you’d know exactly what to do, who to do it with and when to do it. Now, because of an online substance-abuse, we can no longer reach that point of self-discovery – even if we DO go out in the forest and stay alone inside a cabin for a week. 

Before the Social Media came to the market, there was a significantly smaller audience for self-love/reflection videos and articles. Only hippies and minor alternative communities were interested in the spiritual world. The rest of us were content with just … living our lives! Now – however – the marked has grown a substantial amount – all because of the anxiety, pressure, and fear that comes with Social Media Addiction. It has become an evil spiral; Social Media platforms earn money on their users, and self-help gurus earn money from the mental problems that come with the use of Social Media. It’s a win-win situation for strategic entrepreneurs, but a living hell for their target.

Take a good look at the pop culture and you’ll see how the internet is now spiraling with videos – DEDICATED to the generation of depression and anxiety: Skjermbilde 2019-04-08 kl. 11.29.07.png

Skjermbilde 2019-04-08 kl. 11.29.48.png

And at the same time – Youtube is showing girls of millions who are now opening up about their anxiety and depression:

Skjermbilde 2019-04-08 kl. 11.32.06.pngSkjermbilde 2019-04-08 kl. 11.31.32.png

Sure – it’s nice that people aren’t afraid of talking about mental problems anymore. However – There’s a famous theory that girls today are actually helping each other to increase their mental instabilities even more through opening up about them on Social Media Platforms. Today, it is so common to have a psychological issue – that everyone seems to just get on board with it in order to fit in. And THAT is just the cherry on top of the cake. Because first and foremost – INSTAGRAM is the very thing that started all of this. 

So what do you do? 

You delete everyone who doesn’t contribute to your life in any way. Go to YouTube. Go to Instagram. Get rid of that model you follow all day long – she doesn’t do anything. All she does is look pretty while showing off her happy life and her amazing boyfriend. You don’t really respect her because she doesn’t create anything, she doesn’t contribute to the world in any way and you know it. So why would you even bother? Could it be that the only reason why you follow her is either A) because everyone else does – or B) because her flashy pictures show just enough skin so that it becomes addictive to watch? 

Yeah, thought so. 

Now, after you’ve unfollowed her, take a good look at the rest of your list. Do you want to constantly see people who show off lives that you don’t really care about? No. You don’t. Wipe them off. You can do it, it’s not that hard. Remember that this is for your brain to stabilize itself again. It’s good for you. And while you’re at it, you might as well unfollow the remaining 90% of that list. Why not? I bet there are only a few people on there who actually influence you in a positive way – someone who brings something to the table; A quote, a thought, a painting/drawing, a beautiful photo depicting a mountain and a waterfall – those are the ones you should keep in your life. Respect your brain enough to do this – it wants it, it craves it. You know it. 

The very reason why your brain is responding with anxiety attacks, loneliness, and negative thoughts is because of YOUR conscious choice to overstimulate it with insignificant things. So before you turn to YouTube videos on how to attain inner peace – do what should have been done a long time ago; Clean up on your Social Media platforms. Or, as Jordan Peterson likes to put it: “Clean up your room!” 




Aftur S. Nerdrum 




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