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Oh, Paris – I am so lucky to have you, right where you are … IMG_5018.jpgIMG_4852.jpgunnamed-3.jpgunnamed.jpgunnamed-2.jpg

Who else is OBSESSED with everything French at this moment in time? 


France is a country that’s filled with culture. Sure, they do have their ups and downs when it comes to the cinema – they experiment a lot and sometimes a bit too much! 


When they do something well, it ends up being a masterpiece! Yes, I’m thinking about you Simone de Behavior, and you, Christophe Barratier, and you Edith Piaf … 

So let’s begin my list of absolute FAVOURITES in French culture, some have been recent, some have been with me all my life. I hope you get inspired! 




  1. “When things of the Spirit come First” by Simone de Beauvoir 

“When she was alone again, an immense happiness flooded into her: at last she was going to be able to show what she was made of! She opened the window and leant out over the garden: thousands of sticky little leaves twinkled in the sun and all springtime murmured in her bosom – the inner wealth accumulated in solitude was yearning to blossom into action. Ecstatically, Marcelle greeted the renewal of her heart as the dawn of the renewal of the world itself.”



2. “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo 

“The power of a glance has been so much abused in love stories, that it has come to be disbelieved in. Few people dare now to say that two beings have fallen in love because they have looked at each other. Yet it is in this way that love begins, and in this way only.”



3. “Bonjour Tristesse” by Françoise Sagan

“A Strange melancholy pervades me to which I hesitate to give the grave and beautiful name of sorrow. The idea of sorrow has always appealed to me but now I am almost ashamed of its complete egoism. I have known boredom, regret, and occasionally remorse, but never sorrow. Today it envelops me like a silken web, enervating and soft, and sets me apart from everybody else.”





  1. “The chorus” (directed by Christophe Barratier) 


Why: First of all, Christopher Barratier did a great job with this movie! The scenery, the music, the actors – everything is on its place. It’s beautifully rich with drama, forgiveness, love and the discovery of new talents. 


2. “Amélie” (directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet) 

AMELIE - American Poster by Laurent Leufroy.jpeg

Why: It’s not a lie when I say that Amélie will actually change your life for the better. She’s cute, she’s smart, she creates her own inner world and she’ll inspire you to do the same! Somehow, she makes being alone look simple and even fun – because it’s all about your attitude and what you make out of your time here on earth. Also, it’s set in beautiful, spectacular Montmartre, which is a sure stimulant for the eye! 


3. “Jean de Florette” (directed by Claude Berri) 


Why: Beautiful is too little a word to describe the scenery, the people and the story of this movie! If you wish to see a little bit more of the French country-side, watch this movie and you’ll for sure enjoy every second of it! Moreover, it’s about love, envy, hatred, revenge, family-tragedies and much more! French at it’s best … 




  1. Edith Piaf 



  • Non, je ne regrette rien
  • La foule 
  • Je ne’en connais pas la fin
  • La vie en rose 


2. Camille Saint-Saëns



  • Le Cygne 
  • Dance macabre in G Minor, Op. 40 
  • Carnival of the Animals, R. 125: VII – The Aquarium 


3. Claude Debussy



  • Clair de Lune 
  • 2 Arabesques in E Major, L. 66: Adantino 


4. Erik Satie 



  • Première Gymnopédie 
  • Gnossiennes: No. 1 – Lent 


5. Carla Bruni



  • Quelqu’n m’a dit 
  • Chanson triste 
  • L’amour 




  1. Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot


2. Jean-François Millet


3. Edgar Degas


4. Auguste Rodin 


Hope you liked my list, keep on being inspired, every day. Remember that♥




Aftur S. Nerdrum 

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