Aftur’s Christmas Calendar: 6th of December


“Be a creator, not a reactor.”

Claire Wineland 

She is the girl who made it look possible for other girls to follow your passion even when you’re suffering from a progressive genetic disease. From birth she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis; Because of this tragedy, she had to live her life knowing that she’d die before everyone else. This was a fact. But regardless of this, she decided she’d do something great during the time that she had on this earth. Through her non-profit organization “Claire’s Place Foundation”, she worked to support and organize people with terminal and chronic illness and their families. She was a fighter and a therapist for others. she erased the growing fear of the unknown, and turned it into something positive – death slowly became her inspiration. It motivated her to do more and transformed her life into something beautiful, something to be proud of. 
Claire, I am forever grateful for your strength and presence in this world. When I found you, I thought you were me. We were so similar in so many ways, it’s almost a bit scary. Her way of thinking resonates with my every truth — and it should resonate with a lot of other people in this world. If there is such a thing as a “spiritual twin” – then she must be mine. Go watch her YouTube videos or her lectures at Ted talks. She is amazing. Rest In Peace Claire Wineland.❤️ and thank you for changing my life for the better.



Aftur S. Nerdrum 


The 7 best Holiday gift ideas for mothers




It’s time to think about presents. For many, this can be a stressful subject. We usually have no clue what to give, how much money to spend, if it should be handmade or not etc. I know the struggle, but don’t worry. I got you covered. These gif ideas are perfect if you feel like making your mother happy during Holiday-time. Some are from the store, others are homemade – but don’t feel forced to make something just because it’s for a family and it should be special. Remember that buying something (with great thought behind of course) can be equally special, if not more – than a homemade one. (At least in my opinion!) 


  1. Nigella Christmas by Nigella Lawson 


Why: It’s perfect for X-mas baking in the kitchen – perhaps you can even make some of the recipes together with your mother during the Holiday season (to get some quality time)? This book serves you with dinners, breakfasts, lunches, cookies, cakes and wonderful alcoholic beverages♥

Where can I get it: HERE


2. “Whiskey in a Teacup” By Reese Witherspoon


Why: This book is a MUST for all women running a household! It’s filled with not only baking-recipes but also real-life stories about the actress’s childhood, beauty-hacks, and her family’s famous fried-chicken secret. 

Where can I get it: HERE


3. Jo Malone Orange Blossom Scented Home Candle


Why: It’s crucial for mothers to be in an environment that smells good, where she can enjoy her time and find peace. This one is a very special scented candle with an amazing smell of orange and other Christmas spices:) 

Where can I get it: HERE


4. Make a homemade poetry – Advent calendar 


How: Buy 24 envelopes and cards, decorate them however you like and write one beautiful poem or quote on each card. It can be your own words as well. Use your imagination. The great thing about this calendar is that it doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money buying a present for every day – nevertheless, poems and writings are much more personal and special. It can create a conversation and your mother will find it amusing to wake up every morning and read another little beautiful card, put together by her daughter/son♥


5. Recipe box 


Why: If you have a mother who’s a little bit old-fashioned and still likes to write down her recipes with pen and paper – this gift is ideal for her! 

Where can I get it: HERE


6. Cute Christmas Apron 


Why: Eveyone is always in need of an apron. They are very practical and very pretty to look at. Plus, you always get into the mood of cooking whenever you put one on. 

Where can I get it: HERE


7. Make “open-when-letters” 

Open When Letters.jpg

How: “Open-when-letters” is very easy and very fun to make. You just buy a bunch of little envelopes and cards, write a little message on them and put them in a box. Your mother is not supposed to open them all, only if she’s feeling a certain way, or on a special day (depending on what it says on the envelope). Inside you can write whatever you like – use your imagination and put your whole heart into this project. (WARNING: This can turn out very emotional! You MIGHT cry or make your mother cry …just saying.) Your message on each one is up to you, but here are some examples to make the process a little bit easier:

  • Open when you’re feeling happy 
  • Open when you’re sad
  • Open when you feel rejected 
  • Open when you feel lonely 
  • Open on your birthday 
  • Open when you’ve just had a fight with someone 
  • Open when you’re unable to resolve an inner conflict 
  • Open when you’re sick 
  • Open when you’re feeling hopeful about the future 
  • Open when you want to take a walk along memory lane 
  • Open when you’re losing faith 
  • Open on Christmas Eve 
  • Open on New Years 

And so on and so on … 

Hope you liked this little list of gift ideas! There will be more of these so stay tuned:) And do tell me what your opinions are on these kinds of articles. I’d love to hear what my readers think … 

Merry Christmas-shopping! 


Aftur S. Nerdrum 



Aftur’s Christmas Calendar: 5th of December



“And love became the world’s beginning and the world’s ruler; but all its ways are full of flowers and blood, flowers and blood.”

Knut Hamsun

The first time I read his most famous book; “Victoria”, I was shocked by how easily this man could put the most universally known feeling down on paper and transform it into poetry. He doesn’t vulgarize love. He purifies it. He takes a feeling, digs deep into it and creates his own little imaginary world surrounding it. Johannes isn’t just infatuated with Victoria. He adores her. He praises her. Her delicate nature almost kills him each time they meet. Their childlike love is still as pure and innocent as when they first laid eyes on each other as boy and girl. The nostalgia from the past in which inhabits both their souls is what draws them nearer to each other – but it is also what destroys them in the end … Knut Hamsun, you opened my eyes to a new style of writing. You taught me how to narrate a simple story and turn it into poetry. You are and will always be one of my biggest mentors in literature. 


Aftur S. Nerdrum 


Get the book ⇒⇒ HERE (and get 7% off!) 



Aftur’s Christmas Calendar: 4th of December



He taught me manners, respect, and how to always, always stay curious about the world around you. He taught me how to question everything – how to never settle for just one truth – how to dig deep into every subject. He taught me the importance of philosophy, and how reading books will take you further in this world than any plain ever could. Every day he sets an example of a true and faithful love – towards a family and towards a spouse. He also shows me the immense power of responsibility and consistency towards one’s work and passion. I am forever grateful for my father and for everything that he’s brought to this world.


Aftur S. Nerdrum 

Aftur’s Christmas Calendar: 3rd of December



I believe many of you know him as the highly controversial, media-speaking psychology-professor at the University of Toronto, Canada – who turned viral overnight due to his public criticism on gender-pronouns and the compelling of free speech. But I know him as the greatest influential philosopher of the 21st century. Not only has he helped countless young men from committing suicide but he has also actively been teaching women how to negotiate a higher salary. I remember when I first saw a video of Jordan Peterson. He told you to clean up your room, both literally and metaphorically. He said;

“If you can’t even clean up your room, who the hell are you to give advice to the world?”

I was stunned. Finally, there was someone who was honest enough to speak up about the harshness of basic human existence. He doesn’t give you advice on a fine silver plate. He slaps you in the face with it. But it’s better that way because we need to hear when we’re doing things wrong. We need to hear how to get out of this mess – how to live one’s life in the best possible way – how to not fall into laziness, social propaganda and/or other things that will just slow us down and build up a zillion of regrets for our future “old self”. You don’t have to agree with him politically. Just watch his videos, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.❤️

(what do you think about Jordan Peterson and his philosophy?)


Aftur S. Nerdrum 

Aftur’s christmas calendar: 2nd of December



“Once you are not dependent on people’s approval or validation, you are unstoppable” 

Valeria Lipovetsky 

She is a YouTuber, instagrammer and a blogger. She is a wife, a mother of three and a model at the same time. She is also a nutritionist, psychologist/philosopher (due to her many amazing videos on self-growth and mental health) and a fashion-guru. I certainly didn’t get it and MOST PEOPLE can’t understand how she does it. How can a woman juggle all these things at once? Well … all I can say is that she made the impossible possible. Go and watch her videos or just look through her account on Instagram. Not only is she an amazing mother – but she also supports other mothers out there and acknowledges how hard it can be. We live in a world today where the concept of “family” and “motherhood” is dying. Millennials are the generation that refuses to settle down and create a stability and a home for themselves. This affects a lot of things. It affects our culture, our mental health and so much more. But Valeria helps to keep this tradition alive. She shows you how messy, unorganized, noisy, yet wonderfully giving the life of a family can be. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. It’s not happy happy all the time. But that’s okay, because that’s not what matters. What matters (according to Valeria and according to myself) is building something of value and creating a purpose in ones life – which can be (among other things) building a family … ♥


Aftur S. Nerdrum 

Aftur’s Christmas Calendar​​: 1st Of December



There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?

Woody Allen

The very first time I was introduced to Woody Allen, was when I watched “Midnight in Paris” (2011). I was quite young, so I didn’t understand all the humor – but something about the protagonist made me feel like I wasn’t the only one in the world who felt different from everybody else. And this is exactly what Woody Allen does: he makes you relate to the alienating feeling of being around average people and feeling “alone in the crowd.”

Also the humor – it’s just genius. He points out the things that you usually just “think about” but never say. And by that, it’s almost as if he’s telling the viewer; “it’s okay. It’s okay to say those weird things that make people think you’re crazy. It’s okay to offend every once in a while. It’s okay to not stay within the box that society has created for you.” Unlike every other romantic comedy out there – he puts the focus on THE INDIVIDUAL – the one whose life is a bit harder to bear than anyone else’s. The one whose imagination tends to get the better of them. The one who always questions his existence and draws most of his ideas from either nihilistic or existential points of views. Not only that – he directs, writes and (sometimes) plays in his own movies. Almost everything he’s made is a masterpiece and it’s hard to pick out my favorites, but I narrowed it down to this list:
• “Annie Hall”
• “Magic in the moonlight”
• “Match Point”
•”Whatever works”
•”Irrational man”

❤️happy 1st of December guys! (Only 23 days left!)


Aftur S. Nerdrum