10 tips and tricks for hosting the best Christmas/book party


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“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.”

Andy Rooney


Alright! There are only a few hours until the big day and I can already feel the stress and anticipation coming from the people walking in the streets.

Floors must be washed.

Ingredients must be bought. 

Cookies must be ready. 

The Santa Costume must be hiding in the garage. 

The tree must be decorated. 

Presents MUST be bought! 

If I’m not entirely wrong, Christmas can sometimes feel a little bit too demanding and not as joyful and relaxed as expected. But don’t worry. If you thought Christmas ends after the 25th, you’re wrong!

Remember that you can always host a delightful Christmas-gathering/party any day between Christmas Eve and New Years! And why not throw in a book-club while we’re at it? 


#1 – Limit your guest-list to only 7-10 people maximum 

No need to appear over-social. It’s so much better to only invite your closest and dearest family and friends for this kind of gathering. It makes it more fun, cozy and you’ll feel freer to come with inside-jokes and talk about whatever you want with the people who really know you. Also, if you’re doing a book club/Christmas party, it’s safer to only invite the literature-interested among your group of friends! 

#2 – Stock up your house with homemade cookies, finger-food, christmas-wine and Christmas-cocktails! 



  • Recipe for gingerbread: HERE
  • Recipe for Whipped shortbread-cookies: HERE
  • Almond snowball cookies: HERE
  • Christmassy Finger-food ideas: HERE
  • Best Christmas martini: HERE
  • Best Christmas poinsetta-drink: HERE


#3 – For predrinks, make cotton candy champagne glasses! 


This is a very festive and holidayish drink + very easy to make! Just put a bunch of pink cotton candy in a glass and pour the champagne in. Can it get fancier than this? 


#4 – Have a Christmas-playlist prapared! 

Personally, I prefer instrumental, classical music to these kinds of gatherings. But you do whatever suits you best! The point is to set the mood so that your guests feel comfertable and well relaxed. Here is a good playlist that I use: 


#5 – Brew lots and lots of coffee and make lots of hot chocolate! 

It’s important. Firstly, some of your guests might not drink alcohol (you never know!) so then it’s crucial to have something festive and Christmassy that they can enjoy as well. Plus … who doesnt want some coffee with their cookies? Always, always go overboard with these things. The more the merrier! 

#6 – Select a theme for the evening

If you’re doing a book club/Christmas-party together with your other bookworms, why not have a Charles Dickens theme where you focus on discussing his most famous holiday-book; “A Christmas Carol”? You could all dress up in clothes from his time and bring original copies of the same book with beautiful drawings and illustrations in them? There’s alot you can do literature-wise for a Christmas-party. Let you imagination go wild! 

#7 – Make sure your house is decorated and put lit candles in every room

You have no idea how much this sets the mood. And the candles are not optional, it’s a MUST! 

#8 – Prapare activities for your guests

If you’re doing a book club/Christmas party: 

  • Play the literature-roleplay-game: One person is chosen to play a character from a famous book, while the other guests have to guess who it is and from what book. If you manage to guess the character, you get 1 point, if you manage to guess both the book and the character, you get 2 points. The goal is to get 20. The winner gets a price. 
  • Discuss a book with the theme of Christmas (fex: “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens or “The Father Christmas Letters” by J. R. R Tolkien). 

If you’re just doing a normal Christmas party: 

  • Make your guests decorate your tree together 
  • Have a DIY-night, where you all make the christmas-decorations from scratch! 
  • Make everyone bring gifts and Play Secret Santa 
  • Decorate Christmas cookies together 
  • Bring a saved box of chocolates with different types and flavors of chocolate. Blindfold one of the guests and make them eat one. Can they guess which flavor it is? 


#9 – Make the house smell nice and christmassy by bringing in a lot of fir-twigs, orange peel, cinamon sticks and cloves


It’s nice decorations AND it smells heavenly in the house! 


#10 – Drink some alcohol or do something that relaxes you while you’re praparing the party 

This is the most important one on the list. It’s so easy for us to feel stressed and moody and stiff in the neck during hilday-times. Yes, there is a lot to do and prapare, but remember to take it easy. Drink some wine while you’re making food or do those yoga-stretches in-between baking. It may seem like theres no time for it, but you should always put yourself and your own health first, above everything else. The Holidays are for spreading love and happiness. It’s for relaxed time with family and friends. Remember this. 


Merry Christmas everyone♥



Aftur S. Nerdrum 


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