Aftur’s Christmas Calendar: 19th of December


She is an incredible designer and tailor from Oslo, and believe it or not – she has actually made these beautiful clothes that I’m featuring in these pictures↑↑

Every day I am in shock by how much work she gets done. Not only is she a mother, but she also works every day nonstop to achieve her dreams. This is a woman to be inspired by, and it’s also a woman who makes extraordinary beautiful and timeless clothes which YOU can wear today! Just go to her Instagram account; @eline_dragesund – here you’ll find out how to get a hold of these clothes. And I promise you will not regret looking into this. Who doesn’t want to look timeless in a world which is so full of this boring consumerism?? who doesn’t want to look drop dead gorgeous in a coat which can’t ever be recognized by another girl – cause you’re the only one – or one out of very few in this world who’s wearing it? Thank you, Eline, for showing an example of a hardworking, strong woman who follows her passion and dream in life + makes breathtaking clothes!

Find her clothes HERE


Aftur S. Nerdrum 




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