Aftur’s Christmas Calendar: 17th of December


“There’s no cheating in yoga, you make it your own”

She is the woman behind the YouTube channel; “Yoga With Adriene” – a channel that’s loved and cherished every day across the globe – from people who suffer mentally, physically or just want to get more fit. From her videos, you’ll get free yoga-lessons, instructions, uplifting words during the process and you EVEN get to do different yoga-exercises depending on your mood that day! How great is that? She has yoga for hangovers, yoga if you’re feeling sick, yoga for stress and anxiety, yoga for mornings, yoga for evenings, yoga for trips, yoga for better motivation and focus, yoga for uncertainty and SO SO many more! I found her videos by coincidence on the 1st of January, the beginning of 2018 – and since then, I have never stopped doing yoga for a single day. I was very hesitant to this exercise before. I thought it was weird and hippie and belonged to a certain kind of group. But then I found Adriene’s videos and it all changed! I am a new person because of her, and because of her, I am also more focused, more motivated, inspired and confident. You should really truly try out some of her exercises. It will change your life for the better. Thank you @adrienelouise  for this lifelong journey that you have taken me on. 



Aftur S. Nerdrum 

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