Aftur’s Christmas Calendar: 6th of December


“Be a creator, not a reactor.”

Claire Wineland 

She is the girl who made it look possible for other girls to follow your passion even when you’re suffering from a progressive genetic disease. From birth she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis; Because of this tragedy, she had to live her life knowing that she’d die before everyone else. This was a fact. But regardless of this, she decided she’d do something great during the time that she had on this earth. Through her non-profit organization “Claire’s Place Foundation”, she worked to support and organize people with terminal and chronic illness and their families. She was a fighter and a therapist for others. she erased the growing fear of the unknown, and turned it into something positive – death slowly became her inspiration. It motivated her to do more and transformed her life into something beautiful, something to be proud of. 
Claire, I am forever grateful for your strength and presence in this world. When I found you, I thought you were me. We were so similar in so many ways, it’s almost a bit scary. Her way of thinking resonates with my every truth — and it should resonate with a lot of other people in this world. If there is such a thing as a “spiritual twin” – then she must be mine. Go watch her YouTube videos or her lectures at Ted talks. She is amazing. Rest In Peace Claire Wineland.❤️ and thank you for changing my life for the better.



Aftur S. Nerdrum 

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