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There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?

Woody Allen

The very first time I was introduced to Woody Allen, was when I watched “Midnight in Paris” (2011). I was quite young, so I didn’t understand all the humor – but something about the protagonist made me feel like I wasn’t the only one in the world who felt different from everybody else. And this is exactly what Woody Allen does: he makes you relate to the alienating feeling of being around average people and feeling “alone in the crowd.”

Also the humor – it’s just genius. He points out the things that you usually just “think about” but never say. And by that, it’s almost as if he’s telling the viewer; “it’s okay. It’s okay to say those weird things that make people think you’re crazy. It’s okay to offend every once in a while. It’s okay to not stay within the box that society has created for you.” Unlike every other romantic comedy out there – he puts the focus on THE INDIVIDUAL – the one whose life is a bit harder to bear than anyone else’s. The one whose imagination tends to get the better of them. The one who always questions his existence and draws most of his ideas from either nihilistic or existential points of views. Not only that – he directs, writes and (sometimes) plays in his own movies. Almost everything he’s made is a masterpiece and it’s hard to pick out my favorites, but I narrowed it down to this list:
• “Annie Hall”
• “Magic in the moonlight”
• “Match Point”
•”Whatever works”
•”Irrational man”

❤️happy 1st of December guys! (Only 23 days left!)


Aftur S. Nerdrum 

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