The best and the worst book you’ll ever read

Get ready for frustration ...

THE COLLECTOR   by John Fowles

It's horrible, nerve-racking, intense and confusing. 

In the beginning, you hate the protagonist. 

Then you change your mind.

Then you hate him again. 

And in the end, you'll understand everything ...



GENRE: Psychological thriller 

Dice (1-6): 6!

Why: It will challenge you – psychologically, and it’s perfect for a Halloween-read! 

PLOT: Unsociable, uneducated and unloved, Frederick collects butterflies and plays around with his camera. His life is nowhere near exciting and the man doesn’t have much to live for – except for one thing – his only purpose in life; To make Miranda fall in love with him. How does he do it? He buys a remote Sussex house, calmly abducts the girl of his dreams (Miranda) and puts her in a beautifully decorated cellar. Now, he hopes and prays that he will be able to keep her there for eternity. 

Does he manage to do it? 

Okay. You’ve read the plot. You’ve imagined the story. Now, the only question remains … 

Why is it the best and the worst book you’ll ever read?

There’s more to it than you may think. There’s a deep, underlying psychological reason to why the man does what he does. Some figure this out by themselves. Some have to do some research afterward. But, relax. I won’t spoil the fun for you. I will not reveal too much (maybe a little!)  I’ll just that … you’ll go through a multitude of emotions while reading this book. You’ll hate it, you’ll want to quit reading it, but you’ll have to continue anyway. You HAVE TO SEE what happens in the end. Your life will depend on it! 

So, to make it easier for you guys to understand the huge impact that this book has had on me (and others) … 

These are all the 10 emotions I went through while reading this book: 

“Okay. This man is a psycho. I get it. I won’t get surprised by anything. There are lots of these people in the world …”

“Wait … I don’t understand. Why? Why doesn’t he want to do anything to her? I thought he was a psycho. Hold on. He treats her like a queen. He spoils her! What is this behavior?” 

“Oh .. she’s actually having a nice time in there. This man is such a sweet-heart. He’s willing to do anything for her! Perhaps she can persuade him to release her and promise him that they’ll be boyfriend and girlfriend once she’s out? Yes, he would definitely fall for that. Oh yes! This is turning out well.”

“Hold on. He doesn’t want to let her out? Even if she swears to be his girlfriend?”

“Oh my lord. Oh no. He really is a psycho!” 

“Oh no. Things are getting out of hand. Oh no .. she NEEDS to get out now!”

“But … It’s not THAT bad. I mean … it could’ve been worse. He could’ve done nasty things to her, but he doesn’t. He’s reluctant to touch her. It actually could’ve been much worse! Perhaps she should try to get to know him better ….?”

“OH no. OH MY GOD! WHAT JUST HAPPENED? OH NO OH NO OH NO!!! I was wrong all along! He’s evil!!” 

“This is more than grotesque. I don’t have words for this behavior. I don’t have words for this book! What does all this mean? Do I even like this book? Wait, what?! What does this mean? ….”

“Okay. I see… I understand now.” 


Do you want to read the book now? 

Thought so … 

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Aftur S. Nerdrum 





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