Do you remember those days?


Do you remember the days without smartphones? 

Do you remember the excitement; That rush of euphoria every time you came home from elementary school? You just couldn’t wait to open up your computer and check if you had a new message in your inbox. And whether it was myspace, email or just an innocent voicemail from him, it brought a smile to your face every time you were thinking about it. For an entire day of sitting by your desk at school, you had been waiting for this one moment – the moment that usually, would make your day. You were probably staring intensely at the clock, waiting, counting the minutes until you were allowed to go home. 

Or perhaps you (who’s reading this right now) were from an earlier generation. Perhaps you didn’t even have computers. Perhaps, the only time you got to talk to her or him, was when your mother allowed you to use the house phone, or when you had some spare pocket money so that you could go to town and dial the number you had been memorizing in your brain for so long. 

Do you remember those days? Do you? 

Do you sometimes look back? Do you ask yourself in the crack of dawn – do I even have anything to look forward to anymore? These days, kids walk around with their smartphones in their pockets. They no longer feel excited about coming home to check their inbox – because they already have. Many times. They didn’t have a childhood like me. And they never will – just like I never experienced the childhood of my parents – that time when they had to go into town and dial numbers in anticipation. I wish I would’ve been there, seen it, felt it. I’d probably run happily to the bus stop. I’d dance and sing and laugh in the rain. I would be more than thrilled to walk that extra mile and take that tedious bus – just so that I could sit in a phone-box and have a conversation with that special someone. Can the world really feel that real?

Yes. It can. But only if you start being real. 

Would you like to try? 


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