The best cafés/restaurants​/bars in Oslo, Stockholm, ​and Copenhagen!

Beware – The list that I’m about to make is only for people who are into old-fashioned places with vintage pieces of furniture, old books in bookshelves and live acoustic music playing in the background. Still in? 

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  1. Hotel Bristol bar/café 

Why: It’s the heart of Oslo; Sofas, stools and the atmosphere, in general, is taken directly out of a 1920s-film. Waiters are dressed in black and white suits. Afternoon-tee with Champagne is on the menu. There’s live piano music playing in the background by a professional pianist. What is not to love about this place? 

Dice (1-6): 6! 

Location: Kristian IVs gate 7, 0164 Oslo, Norway

2. Lorry Resturant 

Why: This restaurant is known for having no music at all. It’s dead quiet, which allows people to talk. Conversations are usually endless here, and if you’re with good company, you’ll most likely stay there for many hours. That’s the beauty with music-free zones; It opens up the possibility of an interesting discussion. It’s also very classical, focused on antique little details and overall – very old-school. 

Dice (1-6): 5

Location: Parkveien 12, 0350 Oslo, Norway

3. The Broker

 Why: If you’re like me – if you love pubs more than anything else – go to this place. It’s very British, very cozy and full of beautiful furniture. Here, you can buy everything of drinks and traditional British dishes. Perfect for a calm night out with friends, or book-clubs:)

Dice (1-6): 

Location:  Bogstadveien 27, 0355 Oslo, Norway


SWEDEN fasadset_sverige_2


  1. Greasy Spoon (The ultimate brunch-place!) 

Why: It’s the best recipe for a hangover. Go here after a long night out, or just a day you’re feeling a bit down. I promise – this café is the cure. They sell the most delicious breakfasts and brunches here. Anything you can possibly think of from blueberry-pancakes to poached eggs to avocado toasts and peanut-butter sandwiches. They have it all. They’re also famous for their mimosa and bloody merry – if you feel like spicing up the morning. I always make sure to visit this place everytime I’m in Stockholm, and so should you! And even though it’s not as old-fashioned as the places mentioned above, it’s still a good choice. Their food is mouth-watering! 

Dice (1-6): 6!

Locations: (there are two of them) 1. Tjärhovsgatan 19, 116 28 Stockholm

2. Hagagatan 4, 113 48 Stockholm

2.  Sturekatten 

Why: Words can’t describe how much I love this place! It’s very similar to “Bristol Hotel” – very old-fashioned, cozy and warm. Everything about this café is inspired by the 19th century; The structure of the house, the compact rooms, the warm, deep colors, the paintings on the walls, the cutlery, the plates … etc. If you want to go back in time just for an hour or two – go here. It’s magical. 

Dice (1-6): 6!

Location: Riddargatan 4, 114 35 Stockholm

3. Hermans (VEGAN)

Why: It’s the best vegan restaurant I’ve ever been to in my life! No kidding. All day, every day, they have a buffet of all the food they make. You, as a customer can buy one plate for a very cheap price and serve yourself as many portions as you’d like from their delicious food! Is’nt that great? The food is usually so tasty that you can’t get enough of it, and it’s all vegan! No animal products! Amazing. 

Dice (1-6): 5

Location: Fjällgatan 23B, 116 28 Stockholm




  1. Central Hotel & Café 


Why: It’s the perfect reading-place! Go here one afternoon, buy yourself a coffee and just sit and read and enjoy the petite atmosphere that this little café represents! It’s cute, it’s comfortable, it’s small and narrow and the building is absolutely gorgeous. But – I would strongly advise you to book a table in advance. The place only has about five seats! 

Dice (1-6): 5

Location:  Tullinsgade 1, 1618 København, Denmark

2. Library Bar 

why: Do I even have to say anything …? THIS café/bar is a dream for any writer or reader. It’s filled with books from A to Z, it’s beautiful, everything is dark oak and you can sit there and drink with your friends and discuss poetry! How great! 

Dice (1-6): 6! 

Location: Bernstorffsgade 4, 1577 København, Denmark

3. Vinværten

Why: This is a wine-bar, which means that you can order any wine, taste it, drink as much as you like and they’ll charge you per dl. In other words – you can get many bottles to your table, but you don’t need to drink a whole bottle if you don’t want to. If you prefer to drink half, that’s fine, because they’ll only charge how much you choose to drink. Great isn’t it? Also, they have several great appetizers here. Everything from tapas to French cheeses to olives … I would say it’s the best place to go to if you want to celebrate something or give a nice treat to a friend:) Also … I love wine! 

Dice (1-6): 6! 

Location: Gothersgade 89, 1123 København, Denmark


I hope you enjoyed my little list of perfect coffee/food places to visit in Scandinavia. Do tell me if there’s anything you would recommend to me. I’d be so happy:)  

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Aftur S. Nerdrum 

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