27.09 – 18 – Poem of the week

A Man’s confession 

Father, I am young and fit 

Still, I reach for air  

The pain is slowly killing me 

Alas! Too much despair! 

I’ve killed a child by accident 

It was a cloudy night 

I drove my car and there she was 

My view was out of sight 

Next, I know a girl is dead! 

Oh god, how much I cried! 

I could’ve called the hospital 

Instead, I chose to hide 

I took the corpse and ran away 

No plan, no place, no guide  

I’m only twenty-two years old,

yet I wish to die. 


Dear son, how much I praise this speech

But death is not like people preach:

It’s a land where taxes shan’t exist 

A land where men in grey play whist 

A land where angels praise the spry; 

the wicked men who yearn to die 

This is heaven, my dear friend

They are waiting for you there

now pull the trigger on the end 

Make peace with life if you dear 

Say goodbye to all the wretchedness, 

The agony, the dole

I’ll show you happiness 

I’ll show you, heart, I’ll show you, soul 

So pull that trigger darling boy 

Let death smile at you with joy 

It will make you wise and brave 

It will turn your heart to gold 

Man pulls trigger and dies. 

-A.S Nerdrum 

El Trovador

Painting by ©Copyright Raul Campos Artwork http://www.raulcamposart.com 


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