19.09-18 – Poem of the week

Can this be death? 

“Oh tell me, God, can this be death? 

The sweet-sour air which dawns on my breath? 

I hear no angels

I see no light 

Tell me, is there no battle to fight? 

No awakened thought or poem or verse? 

You steal my wheeze, you make it worse

Alas, God, don’t make me grey 

I try to reach, you turn away 

If anything, please tell me this 

How can life come to end like this? 

I did no evil, I shot no gun

I prayed to our Lord, the only one

Oh god, I feel it deep inside

the earth is light, alas! I shall die! 

My head is all but sand, the ground is high

Water, deep water 

          Is this when I die? ……”

– A.S Nerdrum

Mujer Con pajaro 100dpi.jpg

Painting by ©Copyright Raul Campos Artwork http://www.raulcamposart.com 


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