A Paradise of shared solitude


Don’t we all wish it? Deep inside … 

Build houses, plant grass, create a garden, set up a school … Construct your own policy, your own rules, schedules and divided tasks. In the end, you will have made your own state. 

The concept of an alternative society; A paradise of shared solitude has occupied my mind immensely these days. And can you blame me? Watching the outer world slowly going to ashes, with all the identity-politics, terror-attacks and failing criminal court cases convicting innocent people on a daily basis – it is only natural for any human being to choose to take a step back from the society. 

After all – people do not come to this earth just to acknowledge and take pleasure in what already exists. They come so that they can bring in new things, new inventions, communities and countries. As Anne of Green Gables says in one of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books:

“I went looking for my dreams outside of myself and discovered, it’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it.”

Why settle for what already is, when you can recreate something magnificent, that most likely has existed before you? 

A Russian science-fiction author once said: 


I dont’ agree with Yevegenzy Zamyatin on this one. Happiness is freedom. Living in our individual society (also called “The Nerdrum School”) is isolating, but at the same time, so liberating: 

You can talk about whatever you want and expect to get an open-minded, non-aggressive  response back.

You can do whatever you want and commit each day, every hour, every minute to this specific craft. 

There isn’t just one religion, one political view or one culture here. There are several of them, and each day, you’ll learn something new and thought-provoking. 

Everyone here has an historical perspective on things; meaning, they will always look back and compare past incidents with present ones. With this mindset, the world becomes bigger, options wider, and you see everything with new eyes. 

Now, I’m not just talking about the greatness of the Nerdrum School in this article. I am talking about the greatness of a self-made society – which is a place made by using memory. Not the memory of the past, but the memory of a lifetime that you’ve never really experienced before. A word for this feeling is hiraeth – which means, a longing for a home you can’t return to, or one that was never yours. 

I think my father built this alternative world, because he had an inner longing for a place that looks exactly like the farm we have now. And it has turned out to be, not only a paradise for him, but a paradise for everyone else who thinks like him. This is what I mean by a shared solitude. It’s a place that will attract the right kind of people; The lonely ones, those who can never feel a sense of belonging in the outer world.

So no. Going out into the society will not give you freedom. Especially not, if you’re a  freethinker, like us. However, living in your own society will. And it’s not so hard. All you have to do is get some people onboard with your plan, and then start from there. It has worked in the past. It can work now. 

Our farm is a living proof of that. 



Aftur S. Nerdrum 



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