Who would you rather?

“Who would you rather …” can be a fun game. However, for nerds like my sister and I – playing this game by only including great writers/painters/musicians/actors/philosophers from the past is all the more fun. 

Why don’t you join us? 



Who would you rather …


Go shopping with 


Myndin – Merylin Monroe + Oscar Wilde 

Aftur –  Daphne du Maurier + Ingrid Bergman 


Sit next to during a plain-crash  


Myndin – Niccolò Machiavelli + Stefan Zweig 

Aftur – Jean-Jacques Rousseau + Oscar Wilde 


With you on your deathbed 


Myndin – Oscar Wilde + Ayn Rand 

Aftur – Astrid Lindgren + Johan Wolgang von Goethe 


Have children with (only one)


Myndin – Axel von Fersen

Aftur – Edvard Munch 


Have as a sibling 


Myndin – Henryk Górecki + Goerge Sand 

Aftur – Jane Austen + Edvard Grieg 


Go to jail with 


Myndin – Alexandre Dumas + Marlon Brando 

Aftur – Charles Dickens + C.S Lewis 


 Have as a therapist? (only one)


Myndin – Mikhail Bulgakov 

Aftur – Voltaire


Rob a bank with? (only one)


Myndin – Niccolò Machiavelli

Aftur – Niccolò Machiavelli



Have a picnic with on a hot summer-day in the English country side? 


Myndin – Pjotr Tsjajkovskij + Voltaire 

Aftur – Giacomo Casanova + Johan Wolfgang von Goethe  


Alright, those were the questions! I truly advice you to do this with a friend over dinner at a restaurant (like my sister and I) or over drinks at a party/bar/gathering with your mates. It’s so much fun and you’ll have a good laugh! 



Aftur S. Nerdrum 

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