7 on-screen romances that could’ve been based on novels

Has it ever happened to you? You watch a movie and you think, this story is so great, there has to be a book! Then later you discover theres no book. Just a script-writer telling the most amazing story … 

It’s happened to me many times, and it usually ends with disappointment. My mind starts to wander. Wouldn’t it be just heavenly if this was a novel – where I could not just watch those romantic gestures on the screen but also read about them! 

Here are some of my favorite movies, which I thought/wish were based on novels …


  1. This Beautiful Fantastic (2016)


Sweet, adorable and a little bit quirky. I love romances that include a nerdy guy or an outsider. And what’s more – the main character is an author! 


2. Keeping Mum (2005)


Hilarious, cheerful, unorthodox – with a filthy humor! Who wouldn’t want to see a movie that has both Maggie Smith AND Rowan Atkinson in it?


3. Letters to Juliet (2010)


This will forever be my all time favorite romantic comedy! It’s lovey-dovey, it’s eye-opening, it makes you believe in eternal love … do I even have to say more?


4. Before Sunrise (1995)


I always, ALWAYS come back to this one. And for good reasons. This movie is for all the dreamers, it’s for everyone who enjoys getting lost in deep conversations, and it’s also for the hopeless romantics. I swear to god, if this was a book – it would probably be all stained and worn out by now, because I would’ve read it so many times … 


5. And While We Were Here  (2012)


It’s serious. It makes you think. The scenery is breathtaking. Each word spoken is like a beautiful sonnet – AND I got very inspired by it. This movie showed me to a very nice poem, and it also taught me something about the Chinese folklore – about the red string of fate. Definitely worth watching. I only wish I could say; definitely worth reading … 


6. Before We Go (2014)


Psychological, exhilarating and mysterious! I loved these two actors together, and I also really like movies that only is about one night. There should be more books like this! 


7. In the Land of Women (2007)


You’ll fall in love with the main character. He is sweet, charming, mysterious – basically, he gets very well along with women, leading him into a trafficky situation with a mother and a daughter in his neighborhood. Need I say more …? It’s a feel-good movie, full of comforting pep-talks and electrifying looks by the handsome actor, Adam Brody. Enjoy!



Aftur S. Nerdrum 

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