Traveling the world with books – an interview with my sister!



Yes. Books are essential, even when traveling! I asked my sister, Myndin, for the reason to why she always brings a book on her trips – regardless of how far it is or what she is aiming to do there.

M: When I’m forced into a situation where I have to choose between three leisures; watching Tv, looking into why phone or reading a book – it took me a lot of self-discipline to get there – but I always choose my book. The sensation you get after having read a couple of pages is a feeling of success. At least to me. Because it is a more complex way of being told a story – something which neither movies or series can ever compete with. I’m confronted with a bunch of bad literature, I have to admit. But I do have some favorite authors who have become my closest friends. 



What are you reading at the moment, and which country did you last visit? 

M: The last place was Chilé. I wanted to go far away from home and experience something completely out of the ordinary. Where I lived, people did not read so much. However, I don’t judge those who find reading boring. I have been there before. Right now, I’m enjoying “The Sorrows of Young Werther” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. I like it for its depressiveness but also cheerfulness – which reminds me of myself. I have a bunch of books at hand. My relationship to them is the same as with people. One person at a time. 

Why do you read? 

M: In my youth, I faced a great deal of loneliness. Authors such as Ayn Rand and Edgar Allan Poe put me out of my misery. I love Rand’s rebelliousness and directness – And Poe’s way of contemplating. I see both of them as my second pair of parents. I don’t usually like contemplations in books. Poe is the only one who can do it for me. 

What is your next destination, and what book are you planning to bring with you? 

M: Rome. It is my favorite place on earth. I’m going to attempt “Hamlet” by Shakespeare. I loved “Romeo and Juliet”, so this one will for sure be a blast. The old- fashioned English can be a real pain sometimes, so I keep my expectations low, as a teenager in this very modern world. 



Myndin is a contemporary, figurative illustrationist and actress. You can reach her or check out her work through her Instagram below↓






Aftur S. Nerdrum (more interviews to come! Stay updated!) 




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