Stress down, bake a pie, make a book-club

Ever since I was 13 years old, I have been known for being «The pie-maker» in my family. Not because I enjoyed eating them. In fact, I would make pies just to serve other people, and it was enough for me to watch them eat and become happy.

Since this is a literature-blog, I really recommend pie-dates for a book-club. Not only is it fun to make with your friends, but it also brings a more positive, homey vibe to the discussions. 

Another thing – at the end of the day, I always turn to pie-making. If I am stressing with something and I can’t seem to find any solution to the problem – or I’m just very ill-tempered by something/someone, I put on my apron and attack the kitschen. In there, I dissolve into my own little world. And while I bake, I think, I daydream, and I come up with new ideas for my book. It’s also a place where I can explore and experiment. Theres nothing like opening the drawers, picking out your best ingredients and spreading flour all over the counter. Most of the time, I decide to make a pie spontaneously; meaning that I don’t have any prior knowledge of the content in the refrigerator, but I choose to surprise myself by picking out random ingredients. And you know what – it almost always works out. Because if you add enough butter, it will taste heavenly regardless. Yep! The French were right. Churned, fermented cream (butter) is the ultimate savior.

Pie is more than a passion of mine. Pie brings people together. Pie creates joy, laughter and love between individuals. Pie is life. 

 My specialty is and has always been wild-berry-pie. And today, I would like to share with you – my own recipe for this dessert. So find that apron of yours and allow yourself to dive into a place that will turn your life around; the world of pies … 




These are the ingredients! 

I don’t always apply cookies in this recipe, but if you want your pie to be extra tasty with a crunchy dough, follow my advice …

You can make your own berry/white-chocolate cookies if you want. Either way, just normal cookies should work just fine. Personally, I use this brand: (it’s Swedish) 


  • First off, chop the 8 cookies up in squared slices. 



  • When you’re done, put the cookies aside and start cutting the butter into equally squared slices. 


  • Mix the butter and the cookies into a bowl together with all the dry ingredients; flower and oat-meal. Work the dough with your hands, until it starts looking like this: 


  • Grease a pie-form with butter and spread the dough on it. (Remember that the dough doesn’t have to be perfect. There will probably be a lot of lumps in it, but that’s the beauty of a homemade pie!) 


  • Spread some wild-berry-jam on top of the dough. (You decide on the amount, depending on how sweet you want your pie to be.) 


  • And at last, cover the pie with frozen berries! (Again, it’s up to you, how many berries you want to add into your pie.)


  • When you’re done with this, you can finally put it into the oven and let it rejoice there before it’s delicious and eatable♥ (With 200 degrees, it should be ready in 30 minutes!) 


And then you have a wonderful pie! 


Serve this to your friends, open up some books – and you’ll have the beginning of a wonderful day!

Bon appétit!


Aftur S. Nerdrum 

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