Wednesday’s book report + my daily routine at the farm

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I finished the book, and there will be a report where I will include a short description on my thoughts and feelings about the memoir – but first … I would like to invite you into my daily routine at our farm in Norway.

What do I do when I wake up? How do I continue my day on the Norwegian country-side? Who do I spend time with, and what does my working schedule look like?

Well, you’re about to find out!

♥ First of all, I get up from bed around 08:30 in the morning. Then I head to our glass-veranda, where my mother is sitting with freshly brewed coffee and three cups; one for herself, my brother and me. We talk, read and discuss news for about an hour, before my father wakes up – and we make a new pot of coffee. Then I dance my way to our kitchen and prepare a small plate of breakfast for myself. This time it was pancakes with crushed almonds, bananas and maple syrup. 


♥ After eating breakfast and reading for two hours, I either start organizing myself by making a list of new articles for the blog in the future – or I continue writing on an article I’ve already started.

All the organization-stuff, I write in my own homemade bullet journal, here↓


♥ After writing for two hours, I go out for a walk in the snow-landscape together with a very good friend, my camera. I always end up taking a great deal of pictures of the nature, our cat, Apollon and Kossette, our dog!

♥ Then, I head inside to have some lunch. Afterwords, I sprint (eagerly) over to the other house at the farm to drink more coffee (not gonna lie, probably my fifth cup by now) with my father in his studio. Here, I start writing on my own things. I don’t know what it is, but I love writing creatively in my father’s atelier while he’s painting. There’s something so peaceful and lovely about it … a feeling I can’t describe!

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♥ Now, the clock will strike 3, which means guests will probably come over for coffee and tee. I am not saying this happens every day (maybe every second day would be more accurate) but it does happen so often, that it is necessary to include as a part of my daily routine. Some days, I will make a pie for this coffee hour. Other days, my mother will have bought something or made some sweets on her own. Either way, this time is always so lovely; lots and lots of coffee (I know, this drink is all we talk about at the Nerdrum School) and lots of inspiring conversations and good laughter.



♥ After about an hour with social time, I sneak away to my humble bed-chamber and continue on my writing. This time, I type everything I have written by hand (earlier that day) into the computer. I usually do this, chapter by chapter.

♥ The clock strikes 7. Everything outside has darkened – meaning it’s time for dinner with the family. Everyone gathers around a big table. Candles are lit, the food is warm. Restless conversations start before anyone has even started serving themselves. These dinners usually last an hour or more.


♥ After the meal, my brother Öde plays some piano, while I make coffee and glögg as an after-dinner-treat. (For you who are wondering – glögg is a Swedish hot-wine with spices. Very sweet and very enjoyable during cold days!)

After the coffee and the hot wine has been made, my two brothers and I gather in their office to watch BBC-period-drama together. This time, we are watching “Little Dorrit” from 2008; an adaptation of Charles Dickens’s serial novel with the same title. I can highly recommend this one for all the period-drama-lovers out there! It is very sweet, full of drama and utterly romantic! Plus, my brother is an absolute copy of Matthew Macfadyen, who’s playing Mr. Clennam (the hero of the story) in the series! Both in clothing and in personality.



♥ After some well-spent quality time with Öde and Bork, I settle down in the fire-place room together with my mother, a good book and a cup of tee. Throughout the evening, the whole family will join us. My father will be watching a movie while talking to my brothers. I will read, watch and listen to the conversation at the same time. After this, I go to bed- usually around 12 – 1 o’ clock in the evening.



And NOW to my book-report


at home in the world pitcure

I would like to say that the further I came to the ending of the story, the more I loved it. Sadly, this is not true. I ended up feeling rather cheerless and sad by listening to the main character, Joyce Maynard, narrate her everyday-life during her time after the love-affair. This does not mean the book was badly written. It just had a very gloomy affect on me.

In my opinion, this sadness was mainly because of the constant repetition of her eating-disorder and her low self-esteem. I could not help but thinking; but she has got everything! Everyone loves her writing, she has people wanting to make publishing-contracts with her wherever she goes. She has enough money to buy a house in the end. She is a top-notch career woman at age 19. What is she complaining about?  

Of course, she was abandoned by her first love, which left an immense scar on her heart – making her fall into a long-lasting depression, including numerous control-issues and restrictions on her diet. All this is natural for any young person experiencing their first heartbreak, but for me … the story was quite different. I realized how different I was from Joyce Maynard when I understood that for her, J.D Salinger was everything she needed in life.

I am not saying I have a cynical approach to love, but it does have a relatively stronger impact on me, if I fail in my career, than if I fail in my love life.

Therefor, I found it hard to relate to her, which made me very detached from the whole story and also Joyce Maynard herself.

I will not spoil the interesting ending of the book … So my conclusion is, that this book is very suitable for young women going through a heavy heartbreak at the moment. Buy this book if you want to be able to relate to someone who has literally gone through the worst mentally, but came out through the other side. You will enjoy it!


Next book is …… “The World of Yesterday” by Stefan Zweig!


I am looking so much forward to this book, and I can’t wait until next book report!


That’s it guys. I hope you’ll have a wonderful day with your loved one/ones (whoever they are) and I’ll see you next time♥



Aftur S. Nerdrum





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