#metoo? More like #MrDarcywhereareyou

Let’s talk about how Jane Austen taught me more about manliness and the reason why #metoo doesn’t work.

Jane austen part 4



Why is it that Jane Austen is more famous today than she ever was during her time of living? Her novels are adored all over the world and film and Tv-adaptations have brought them to millions more. Although it’s been over 200 years since the humble author put the pen to paper – we still cannot get enough of the classics; “Persuasion”, “Emma”, “Sense and Sensibility” and “Pride and Prejudice”.

Here’s a questions that came into my mind when reading her novels for the second time; Are women today, secretly longing for the same politeness and refinement that they see in the men from Austen’s stories?

People say that her insights into the human nature of females – especially when engaged in the frustrating business of courtship – are as true today, as when she originally wrote them. I agree with this statement. Basic human emotions never change with time. Yet, have the men and their way of courting women changed? Yes. They most certainly have. Their manliness is lost.

First off, my view on manliness is not related to aggressiveness or being violent. Men are supposed to be polite – yet act like real men.

Manliness includes caring for women, keeping a strong character and overall – act like they’re able to protect the lady they’re courting. That doesn’t mean women are weak, or that they belong to the kitchen. Quite the contrary – in this article, I am honoring a strong woman who wrote love-stories and saved a great deal of people’s lives through them. Ideally, both genders should take care of each other. All I’m saying, is that 21st century men seem to have forgotten what it’s like to be a proper chaperone. Respect is lost. Their manliness is taken away from them, and we want it back. anigif_enhanced-buzz-29546-1390936973-4.gif

I see women all over Instagram – complaining about how they can’t seem to find a Mr. Darcy, and that men like him don’t exist anywhere. I experience girls my age – crying over a boy, because they cared too much and he cared too little. Yet at the same time, the metoo-hashtag-campaign is taking over the internett – making men too scared to even look another woman’s way. The dread of rape-convictions and cyberbullying have become a real thing, and the alfa-male has made the decision to back off. 

Why? Because that’s what they think we want! But what we actually want is for them to become a Mr. Darcy! Why isn’t there a #MrDarcywhereareyou instead of #metoo?

It would’ve made it so much easier for the men to understand. Wouldn’t it?

Just imagine how the world could be, if we had changed the hashtag to the one suggested; The men would’ve gotten their act together. They would’ve asked you out on a date, they would buy you a rose and kiss your hand. Instead, with the #metoo – we are not helping them in any way. Women make it seem like theres no solutions to the problem.

That’s just how men are, right? So now, we are just going to be angry and see what happens …

Well, if you think this way – nothing is going to happen. Both women and men work in such a way that when someone accuses them of something – they are not going to be willing to change, unless the accuser adds a solution to the problem.



Right now, theres no solution! Me too – what does that even mean in a man’s brain? For an average man, all it means is that women are now gathering together, creating a hate-group against him. Oh and – they’re not going to tell him how to change. They just want to let him keep on living in confusion, thinking that the way he has approached women so far, and the way he will continue doing it – is all wrong.

Let me tell you something; Things are not supposed to be easy. But they’re not supposed to be hard either.

A 21st century woman should not have to beg on her knees for a 21st century man to ask her out. That’s just … wrong.

Anyone who has ever read Jane Austen’s books, knows deep inside that men are supposed to be like her characters. So why not tell the whole world about what we truly want – now that we’re already telling them about how much “we suffer” with the #metoo?

How do you think Mr. Darcy would react if he lived in these #metoo times?

Most probably, he would be sitting at home being all miserable like the other alfa-males out there.

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(What are your thoughts on this subjects? What did you learn from reading Jane Austen? Let me know in the comments below! Until Wednesday then.)


Aftur S. Nerdrum♥



6 thoughts on “#metoo? More like #MrDarcywhereareyou”

  1. I personally like to make a comparison between what female find attractive, both in the amimal kingdom and the human race.
    Anyway, through out history, attractiveness between men and women have changes. But always remained in the 3 topics: level of success (thus success being relative), material acquisition, and/or physical attractiveness (being physical build or good looking).
    In a time were men are more superficial and rarely care for what women really want (that is mostly to find their “lobster” or soulmate). Men have noticed this and used the Machiavellic manipulation to pretend they are what women long For, in other words what you said about women cry over boys who care to little. Women are emotional, and I, along with so many other called players, have twisted and manipulated those feeling to our benefit, mainly for sexual reasons.
    Truth Is, personally , it’s desperate attempt to find the right one and being scared of compromising to a single woman. Women love a player, who tend to be a broken alpha male, because they believe they can fix him, make him whole.About the me too campaign it is a pain in the ass because rape culture doesn’t exist, if it did it wouldn’t be illegal to rape Women, feminism isn’t necessary in the West but is needed in the east. Exaggerated feminism have sterialized the male population of mainly Scandinavia. Human only respect what they fear or love, they fear the law. And the Viking males that represents the ultimate level of masculinity in northern countries are gone.
    Basically, women gives sense to men life. Without you, we are meaningless and would not even be alive. Unfortunately the increasing amount for equality in between differences has been crippling masculinity.

  2. I like your idea of expressing our needs in a positive way rather than a negative one. Saying “We want this” is a better way to communicate with receptive people who are really willing to listen and act accordingly. On the other hand, I also understand the need to get angry and denounce when some limits are crossed. Sadly in my country (Argentina) a woman dies every 29 hours at the hands of domestic violence, we all woman and men should get very angry about that… We also suffer many other violence on a daily basis. For example, if a woman walks two blocks in the city she can receive from whistles to a wide range of obscenities from men. I’m sure Mr Darcy would not be happy with that … So I’m thinking we can keep denouncing what is really wrong while we communicate with love our deepest needs. The real Mr Darcys are going to listen to us and sincerely try to answer them. And they also will get very angry and act with us when is necessary.  Thank you for your posts!

    1. Hey! I like your thoughts. SO interesting to hear your experiences from Argentina! I don’t hold any grudges when it comes to women or men. Personally, I don’t see why “genders” is such a hot topic nowadays. After all, we are all human. I don’t see why it should matter if its a woman or a men I’m talking to. However – I am interested in creating changes, and the way things are now – I consider this to be the only way out. Bot women and men actually – need to be more polite and refined in their behavior. Feel free to follow me btw! If you liked this post;)

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